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  • How does your website work?
    Pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle... All available class times are displayed in your local time regardless of your tutor's location. You can also reschedule lessons quickly and easily should you need to. Ultimate flexibility. Learn a language where you want and when you want. Flexibility, choice and great value for money... There's no need to commit to an expensive language school program or software. Securely pay using Stripe, Payoneer, or a major debit or credit card. If you prefer to transfer teaching fees via Thai bank accounts, please feel free to contact me. Start learning a new language on Skype or Zoom At the scheduled lesson time your tutor will call you on Skype and your online language lesson will begin. Please log onto Skype prior to the lesson time and wait for your tutor to contact you.
  • How much does It cost? How do I pay?
    My paid courses ranging from $12 to $20. There are no sign up or monthly or registering fees. Payment Methods 1. Stripe and Payoneer You can also use your credit card through Stripe or Payoneer which accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express amongst others. 2. Kbank and SCB If you prefer to transfer teaching fees via Thai bank accounts, please feel free to contact me. I also offer various packages with cheaper prices. If you're planning to be my long-term student, please consider buying a package that suits your requirement.
  • How can I access your video course?
    You need to sign up with your email to access free previews. After making a decision, you can purchase via Stripe, Payoneer, or credit cards. You will then have a lifetime access to all videos. Please acess them from the student's dash board on
  • How can I access all courses after buying the bundle?
    After completing the payment, please email me at your First name, Last name, and Email address. I will then send you a welcome email to all courses so you can access by your email and set your own password. Please acess them from the student's dash board on
  • What learning material do you offer? Do I have to pay for them?
    I offer various types of learning materials for you. Textbooks, workbooks, and e-books are all prepared for you according to your levels and specific needs. They are all FREE so you don't have to pay any extra. Please see the course's detials for specific materials used in each course.
  • What do I need to prepare for the lesson?
    Skype setup on your PC... Skype is a small piece of free software that lets you use your computer like a phone so you can talk online with a language tutor anywhere in the world. It's free to download, free to use and part of what makes a great and exciting way to learn a foreign language online. An internet connection... It's not essential to have a broadband connection but having a fast internet connection will mean that you receive the best call quality using Skype and ensure that you get the most out of your language lessons.
  • How long is each lesson?
    My trial lesson is normally 30 minutes long. My normal 1-on-1 Skype lesson is 60 minutes.
  • Is it possible to reschedule?
    Yes - If for any reason you can't make a scheduled language lesson you can quickly and easily re-arrange it to another suitable time through BYU99.COM. Please note however, that rescheduling within 24 hours of the confirmed time is not permitted and lessons must instead be cancelled. Cancelling a lesson within 24 hours of the confirmed time may incur a cancellation charge according to the tutor's policy.
  • Can I record the lesson for my personal revision?
    Please note that filming or recording the lessons without the permission of the tutor is prohibited.
  • Do you offer any free lesson? I'm a student and cannot afford your paid lessons.
    I frequently post free contents on YouTube. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel here! ▸ Sometimes I also host free webinars and live sessions. Please stay in touch for the update! However, I do not offer free 1:1 Skype lessons including a 30-minute trial.
  • What should I do after purchasing a package?
    You can go ahead and schdule the lessons on this page. Click here! ▸ Once you select your desired date and time, click "confirm". You will be taken to the "Enter Details" page. Enter your your name and email address. Then click "Schedule Event". Once your tutor receives the lesson request, the appointment is set.
  • How can I check the expiration date of lesson packs?
    The package has no expiry date. All lessons should be completed before the tutor updates the new teaching rate. You will be notified in advance before the teaching rate will be changed.
  • Is it possible to cancel the entire lesson pack?
    You are unable to cancel the package or refund the payment.
  • Cancellation and Refunds
    A full refund will be made of the booking fee paid in advance for all lessons cancelled by the tutor. Should you be unable to attend a scheduled lesson you will be able to reschedule to an alternative time. A refund of the booking fee will not be made for lessons cancelled by the student. Lessons which are disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances and or the absence of your tutor will be eligible for a full refund providing. The full refund will be transfered via PayPal.
  • Can I really become fluent by studying with you?
    Absolutely! To become fluent in a new language that you start learning, you need to understand how sentences are formed (grammar), how words are pronounced (pronunciation) and what words are more natural to use in certain contexts (vocabulary). Moreover, learning in partnership leads to success. A key part of learning any language successfully is to set realistic goals, support those goals with a structured lesson plan and stay motivated. Learning in partnership with a personal online tutor is the perfect way to do this. It's also all about personal attention. All of your lessons will be tailored to your exact needs and objectives and your tutor will only move onto new subjects & topics when you are ready and go at exactly the pace you need or want.
  • How do I benefit as your supporter on Patreon and YouTube memberships?
    If my channel brings you joy or helps you learn languages, please consider supporting me here on Patreon and YouTube memberships. You’ll get awesome rewards in return, like language learning materials, supporter-only audio and video lessons, monthly live webinar, and free Skype lessons just for you. And don’t worry, you can cancel or change your pledge level at any time.
  • I'm living in Bangkok. Do you teach 1:1 offline in person?
    No! I am so sorry to say that I only offer online instruction. I am an educator working on academic and linguistic feilds so please contact me in polite and professional manners. In the future, I probably have an offline meetup or a seminar with a big group of students. Please stay updated!
  • How could you self-proclaim yourself as a certified teacher?
    I breifly shared some information about myself, certificates, teaching & working experience, and education background on this page. ▸ If you require any further information, please email me at
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